Ongoing Projects

I am currently professor of philosophy of history at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. My current research project consists in building a database/catalog of all History PhD and MA dissertations defended in Brazil from 1942 to 2000. The final product of this project will be a website (powered by Django) in which people will be able to search and browse through the database.

I have also been developing some ideas under a project in philosophy of history I called “Trust and Historical Knowledge”. The basic claim is that historical knowledge works as historical knowledge because we trust certain subjects to speak truthfully about the past. This is a localized, somewhat weaker version of a more general claim from social epistemology (that we depend on testimony and the justification of others in order to know much of what we know, and that we cannot possibly individually test each and every belief we claim to know).

Ongoing Projects and Tasks (List form)

  • Project “History Dissertations Catalog (1942-2000)”
    • Collecting and processing data from existing old catalogs
    • Modelling the database (MySQL)
    • Developing the website (Django)
    • Readings in library and archive science
    • Readings in digital humanities
  • Project “Trust and Historical Knowledge”
    • Readings in political and moral philosophy
    • Readings in epistemology