I am currently professor of the theory and philosophy of history at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. I have a PhD in History from the São Paulo State University, and my interests are mainly the philosophy of history, and the history of historiography. I have recently joined our graduate studies program, where I will supervise MA and PhD students interested in theory and philosophy of history, and the history of historiography broadly conceived.


  • PhD, History, São Paulo State University (2017)
  • MA, History, Londrina State University (2013)

Professional Experience

  • Assistant Professor (tenure-track), Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (2019, current)
  • Postdoctoral Researcher, São Paulo State University (2018-2019)
  • Substitute Professor, São Paulo State University (2018)
  • Guest Researcher, Leiden University (2015-2016)

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Honors, Awards, and Fellowships

  • Postdoctoral fellowship, São Paulo Research Foundation (2018)
  • Research Internship Abroad, São Paulo Research Foundation (2016)
  • Doctoral Fellowship, São Paulo Research Foundation (2013-2017)
  • Master’s Fellowship,
    Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel (2012-2013)



  • Introduction to Historical Studies (IHI111)
  • Concepts of History in the 20th Century (IHI103)
  • Introduction to Michel de Certeau (PROCULT)
  • Theory of History (IHI211)


  • Research Methodology (IHI321)
  • Theory of History (IHI211)

Talks and Conferences




  • “Theory of History: epistemology, methodology, social theory..?” @ History & Philosophy: ethical-political issues, Federal University of Ouro Preto, Brazil (invited speaker, in Portuguese)


  • “Trust and Epistemic Authority: on the conditions of possibility for modern historiography” @ Forum on Theory and History of Historiography, Brazil (invited speaker, in Portuguese)
  • “Trustworthiness as a social epistemic virtue: a reading of ‘Epistemic Trust and Social Location’, by Nancy Daukas” @ 3rd Colloquium of the History Observatory, Brazil (invited speaker, in Portuguese)
  • “An Introduction to Historical Theory” @ Unoeste History Department Week, Brazil (invited speaker, in Portuguese)
  • “‘Apocalyptic and Integrated’: Historians, Computers, and Historical Research” @ São Paulo State University, Brazil (invited speaker, in Portuguese)


  • “Scholarly Personae, Exemplary Conducts, and Virtuousness in Brazilian Professional Historiography (1970-2000)” @ The Persona of the Historian: Repertoires and Performances, 1800-2000, Netherlands (paper presentation, in English)


  • “Histories of Historiography from a Genealogical Perspective” @ 2nd Conference of the International Network for Theory of History, Brazil (paper presentation, in English)
  • “Epistemic Virtues in Brazilian Professional Historiography: the case of historical sensibility” @ 9th Brazilian Seminar on the History of Historiography, Brazil (paper presentation, in Portuguese)
  • “De Mortuis Nihil Nisi Bonum: epistemic virtue and exemplary conduct in Brazilian historian’s obituaries and homage articles (1980-1990)” @ 23rd São Paulo State Congress of History, Brazil (paper presentation, in Portuguese)


  • “The Scholarly Self and the construction of the historian’s gaze” @ 28th National History Congress, Brazil (paper presentation, in Portuguese)


  • “The historian in the archives: epistemic virtue in 19th and 20th century cases” @ 7th CEDAP Meeting, Brazil (paper presentation, in Portuguese)
  • “The status of historical theory and the philosophy of history in Brazilian academic historiography” @ 8th São Paulo State University Philosophy Graduate Students Meeting, Brazil (paper presentation, in Portuguese)
  • “The Historian as Subject: epistemic virtue and historiographical practices” @ 14th Rio de Janeiro State Congress of History, Brazil (paper presentation, in Portuguese)
  • “Constructing series in the history of historiography: problems of method and research possibilities” @ 31st São Paulo State University History Department Week, Brazil (paper presentation, in Portuguese)

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